Candle Warmer 101

January 11, 2023 1 min read

Candle Warmer 101

Not into burning candles, but love their dreamy fragrances?
Try a warmer!

Here are some top reasons to use a warmer:

  • Warmers provide a safe and effective way to enjoy scented candles without the risk of an open flame.
  • Warmers can help fill a room with a pleasant aroma, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Warmers are easy to use and can be left unattended, making them great for busy households. 
  • Warmers help preserve the life of your candles since it won't burn away as quickly. This makes them a worthwhile investment and an economical choice for those looking to freshen their atmosphere without breaking the bank.

    PRO TIP: Once your candle starts to lose it's fragrance, give it a boost with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Talk about stretching the life of your candle! 
Our favorite warmer actually offers TWO ways to use it. 2-in-1 warmers are the best of both worlds. They have functionality and versatility to melt jar candles (recommended 10oz or smaller) OR use the dish included to melt your favorite wax/soy tarts. Make a fashionable statement at home with styles that match any decor, enjoy the fragrance AND if paired with an Elizabeth Paige product, you also get the benefit of 'dipping in' to use the warm, melted oil as body lotion!
In this video, Becca shows you how to use one of our 2-in-1 warmers!


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