Memory Candles

Your Flowers Preserved in an Everlasting Custom Memory Candle

Forever treasure a special occasion when you turn your flowers into a custom Memory Candle. Using flowers from memorial services, weddings and anniversaries these candles are a thoughtful way to mark a memorable event. Memory candles are designed to be illuminated yet will never burn away. That’s because these uniquely crafted candles are hollow and turned in a nightlight lamp that sits on a custom base. The electric LED light casts a beautiful glow as your flowers are illuminated from within.

Your flowers are first dried into a colorful array of potpourri before being embedded in wax. Every candle is unique and the color and look of your candle will be dependent upon flowers received. All finished candles are coated with our proprietary glaze, which prevents dirt from penetrating the wax. The clean and elegant design of the custom lamp base will complement any décor. Bases have an antique bronze finish and an 8’ electric cord with in-line on/off switch. The 15W candelabra style LED bulb is designed to last 30,000 hours.


Memory candles are $125, which includes the candle, the base, and the LED bulb.  There is also a flat rate charge of $9.95 for shipping.


Orders may be placed by submitting the google form HERE and mailing the flowers to us. Orders may also be placed and flowers dropped off at our SC or VA retail outlets. Feel free to email us at with any questions about placing an order!

Flower Preparation

Memory candles are prepared using flowers that have not yet started to wilt or turn brown. The more colorful the flower the brighter your candle will be. Some greenery can also be incorporated. Additionally, flowers can change color as they dry and may appear different than their original color.

Sending Your Flowers

Because every Memory Candle is hand crafted we recommend contacting us before mailing your flowers. We can help advise you on the best selection of your flowers as not all flowers may be suitable for drying. Additionally, flowers can change color as they dry and may appear different than their original color.…Flowers that are being delivered in person can be transported in containers or tubs. If transported in a vase you would like to keep please ask for it back at the time of ordering.

To Ship your flowers, follow these simple steps...

1) Cut off all but two inches of the flower stem. This makes packing the flowers easier.

2) Layer the flowers between white paper towels. This helps absorb moisture. Example: layer of paper towels, a layer of flowers laid flat, another layer of paper towels, etc.

3) Pad any extra space in the box with crumpled paper towels, or other paper so flowers do not shift.

4) Due to the delicate nature of flowers we recommend a shipping method which will deliver the flowers in 2 – 3 days. Fedex or UPS is a reliable option and allows tracking of your package.

5) We do not advise transporting or mailing flowers in plastic bags. This traps moisture and encourages wilting and mildew.