Amazing Grace Body Lotion Bar

Bergamot - Rose -Water Lily
A clean, feminine fragrance that exudes class and elegance through a medley of white floras over a warm musk base. Gentle notes of bergamot and rose fade into a delicate bouquet of fragrant water lilies. 

3oz | 100% Pure Soy Bean Oil

Glide the Body Lotion Bar on skin while wet OR dry. Rub your bar anywhere you have dry, itchy skin. You will instantly feel soft and supple! Use after shaving to prevent razor burn or after you get a little too much sun. Try it on those hard to soften spots like dry heels and rough elbows as well as callouses and cracked hands. 

  • Moisturizes & Softens to prevent dry, flakey, irritated skin
  • Restores elasticity for anti aging benefits
  • Provides a barrier against the elements
  • Soothes bites, burns, psoriasis and eczema

Made without dyes, additives, petroleum, or paraffin AND hand-poured with love in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love the smell, but I do not like the bar

I’ll first say, this smells wonderful. However, the bar is not good. It’s rough when rubbing it on, and it doesn’t do what it claims. It does not hydrate, nourish, or soften. I’ve used it on my hands, knees, and heels, and my heels are still rough and dry, and my hands are still irritated from dryness. I bought one for myself and one for a friend for Christmas in a different fragrance. I won’t be giving it to her now. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. I have a couple of plug-in warmers with the nightlight and melts. I’m hoping they will be better. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m hopeful. I bought one of those for myself and one for my Mom. If the warmer works, I’ll get this fragrance in the melts next time because I really do love the smell. I had chosen Pawley’s Island.