Headache Relief Soy Lotion Candle

Lemon – Jasmine – Rose
Bright, lightly sweet notes of citrus and rose bolster a heart of exotic, fragrant jasmine. Did you know that lemon is great for sinuses and jasmine is known to be a natural pain reliver? A unique aromatherapy blend that is both invigorating and crisp. 

9oz | Approx 40 hr burn time
17oz | Approx 50-60 hr burn time

100% Pure Soy Bean Oil 

Enjoy your favorite fragrance and beautiful ambiance WITHOUT black soot and smoke (just keep those wicks trimmed!)

Made without dyes, additives, petroleum, or paraffin AND hand-poured with love in the USA.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The best (and most unique) part is ... our candles DOUBLE AS LOTION.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A. Johnson
Great candle

I bought one of these candles at the Pawleys Island location back in 2021 when it was under the previous company name. I forget that I have it, but I've had a headache today and remembered to get it out. Three years after purchase the candle still burns well. I also applied (a bit too much lol) it to my forehead and it seems to be giving me some relief. A little goes a long way. Although it has floral notes, the lemon is what I pick up most on and the florals aren't bothering my allergies at all. I definitely recommend trying it.

Wendy Turpin
Lovely fragrance and great for your skin

I have tries other soy candles and they do not compare with the consistency and fragrance of these candles. First, the scent is just as strong when I light it for the first time or the last. It lingers on your skin and it feels great.

Karla Dodd
Love these candles!

I absolutely love the candles, the fragrances are wonderful. The headache relief candle also seems to help with my headaches.


I bought this for my daughter while I was visiting St. Michael's in Maryland. She gets migraines frequently. She said when she felt one coming on, she would just light the candle and feel her body starting to relax after about 15 minutes. Headache just went away. I am surprising her with a couple more.