Pawleys Island Soy Lotion Melts

Mandarin - Rose - Ozone
This lovely oceanic fragrance perfectly captures the essence of a quaint seaside village. Light, fresh mandarin combines with florals like lily and rose that all rest on a background of ocean mist. It's a customer favorite AND named after our original location in Pawley's Island, SC.

6oz | 100% Pure Soy Bean Oil

Enjoy your favorite fragrance and beautiful ambiance WITHOUT dyes, additives, petroleum, or paraffin.

Hand-poured with love in the USA.

But the fun doesn't stop there! The best (and most unique) part is ... our melts DOUBLE AS LOTION.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It IS Pawley's Island

The fragrance is most certainly Pawley's Island,SC. I LOVE it!!! My skin thanks me every time I apply it.

I absolutely LOVE these!

The fragrance from the Pawley's Island melts is superb! To me there is just a hint of suntan lotion fragrance in it which reminds me of the beach so much! For one living in Wisconsin it helps me to remember the wonderful vacations I have taken to the ocean down south. Just lovely scent! I cut each melt in half to prolong the longevity of a package of the melts. I love that the melts also are an amazing oil rub for my hands. It really softens them up while smelling amazing. Here's a pic of my dearly recently departed pup in the wax warmer with Pawley's island oil melt bars.
A++++ scent and shipping was quickly!